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How ownership of immovable property is acquired by a person?
Is it necessary to register in the Office of the Sub Registrar to get khata transferred in respect of property acquired by inheritance?
Which are the documents requires to be compulsorily registered?
How to effect partition of property?
When there are two or more heirs, can one or two be made full owners by others taking money in lieu of their share?
What is a will?
Who can execute a will?
Is it compulsory to register a will?
Where can the will be registered?
Is there any time limit to register a will?
Can a will be cancelled?
Can a registered will be rectified or changed?
Can a will be registered even after death of testator?
What is the Stamp duty and Registration fee to register a will?
Is the certified copy of a registered will available to any body?
How to keep contents of a will confidential?
What is the procedure to obtain the sealed cover containing a will after the death of the depositor?
What is the procedure for change of khata of the properties obtained through will?
What are the duties and liabilities of buyers and sellers while purchasing a property?
What are the transactions opposed to public policy?
Is it necessary to obtain permission for transfer of agricultural land granted under Land Grant Rules or granted occupancy right under Land Reforms Act even after lapse of condition for transfer?
What are other restrictions to purchase agricultural land?
How to get transfer of immovable property?
What is the purpose of Registration?
What are the effects of non-registration?
Is there time limit to present a document for registration after it is executed (signed)?
What is the day today timing for acceptance of deeds for registration in Sub Registry offices?
Can the document presented for registration be withdrawn?
Who should be present at the time of registration?
What is the course, if executing party refuses to appear in Registry Office to admit execution?