Jog Falls would it be All Season Waterfalls ?

Jog Falls,  would it be able to make all season vacation spot waterfall in Karnataka?

Jog Falls Holiday Package
Jog Falls

A first level review is being done at Jog Falls to make this marvel waterfalls into all season waterfalls of India. There are two noteworthy worries about Jog falls and consequently, Jog falls get fewer guests from both local and worldwide tourism group

Jog falls Connectivity

Air connectivity is required from close by urban areas like Bangalore, Mangalore, and Hubli. This ought to help global voyagers visit Jog Falls. On the off chance that air network is made at Jog falls this would include new twenty-first-century tourism dimensions. This could be in terms of Five stars or Three-star rated accommodation facility, better domestic roads, and rail connectivity. Western ghats could become Nature land of India.
Uplifting news is that Abu Dhabi-based NMC group of companies of B. R. Shetty seriously has put its first stone by announcing that company would like to invest 2000 crores for air connectivity project and allied services.

All season Jog falls

Jog falls are losing 60% of tourists due to seasonal water flow. Prime season is June third week to October. This period is regular monsoon season of the west coast. NMC group has also signed MOU with Karnataka state government to reuse water at run falls so it can have enough water stream consistently.

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